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Trade Marks
To get trade mark protection in the UK, you will, from today, need to file protection nationally and not rely on protection from a new EU application. You no longer stand any mathematical chance of registering at EU trade mark before the end of ...
Williams Powell News
Dear Clients, Colleagues and Associates. We wish you the very best over this period and that you stay healthy and safe.Williams Powell is running as a virtual office with full and uninterrupted access to all our office systems. We are also ...
The UK left the EU at 11pm GMT 31 January 2020. It now enters a transition period during which the status quo is preserved and all EU trade mark and design rights continue to cover the UK. The transition period is presently due to end on 31 Dece...
General IP
In the EU, a designer is able to benefit from both unregistered and registered design rights. Although cheap and easy to obtain, many designers have chosen to rely on registered designs only for the more important designs/products and fall back on un...
The DABUS appeal was rejected by the High Court this week highlighting further the need for fundamental review of patent laws to keep up with the very technological advances they exist to protect. Dr Thaler is attempting to establish that DABUS (the ...