We can represent you and your clients directly before the UKIPO, the courts in the UK and also before the EU Community Registered Design Office (OHIM).  

A design is the appearance of a product. It can result from the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation. It can also cover items such as icons and user interface design features.

A registered design is generally simple and cheap to obtain and provides a documented item of intellectual property which can be shown to investors/customers/competitors and, unlike unregistered designs does not require copying to be proven for infringement.

In order to file for a registered design on your behalf we will need the following.

- At least one view of the design. One view is a minimum, but preferably you will provide several, showing the design from different angles or perspectives. Line drawings are best, showing the important aspects of the appearance and avoiding any extraneous matter. However, photographs are acceptable if line drawings are not available. The views/representations are critical to the protection obtained and therefore must clearly reflect the product/design.

- Details of who owns the design. If this is not the same person as the designer, then let us know so we can ensure that the ownership transfer meets legal requirements.

- Details of the product (i.e. what is it a design for?)

A design can be for only part of a product. In that case, we recommend that the design is shown in solid lines and the rest of the product is depicted in dotted lines to make clear which part is the design in question.