IP and AI

Intellectual Property (IP) is a term usually used to refer to the collection of rights that arise or that can be obtained to protect intellectual creations. Intellectual Property law is generally concerned with human individuals or companies. However, with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), what happens if a computer is the creator?

DABUS the Computer Inventor

Williams Powell is proud to be part of the team pushing the boundaries of laws associated with AI.

A multi-disciplinary international team including our Robert Jehan has filed what are believed to be the first ever patent applications for two inventions created autonomously by artificial intelligence without a human inventor.

The AI inventor, called “DABUS” by its creator Stephen Thaler, uses neural networks to generate new ideas. Patent applications for two of these ideas have been filed in a number of jurisdictions including the UK, USA and Europe.

More details can be found here and in the news articles below.

IP for AI

Not only does it appear that we have reached the point where AI may be sufficiently advanced to create IP, it can also be protected by IP. Many patents are being granted for AI architectures and also systems that incorporate AI.

However, getting the right IP for AI inventions is challenging. We have the technical and legal expertise to help you get the right commercial result.