European IP and Brexit

The European landscape is evolving. Williams Powell will continue to offer first class European IP services to meets its clients business needs.

Brexit - EU Trade Marks and Designs

Brexit will impact EU Trade Mark and design applications.
After Brexit there is to be a re-registration scheme to ensure that existing EU rights continue to have effect in the UK. Williams Powell will continue to be able to assist you in obtaining both UK and EU Trade Marks and Designs.

What will happen to granted EU rights?
  • The EU right will no longer cover the UK
  • The UK government will automatically create a parallel UK right
  • This will cost you nothing
  • You do not need to take any action
If you file an additional application in the meantime (meaning the application pending when Brexit occurs) the position is this: What will happen to pending EU rights?
  • The EU application will no longer cover the UK
  • A corresponding UK application filed within 9 months of exit day will take the same dates as the EU application
  • For cases in our care, we will let you know the deadline for filing the application when it is set
  • You can then decide whether or not to file in the UK
  • This will cost the same as filing an ordinary UK application
More details can be found here.

Brexit - Patents in the EU

The European Patent Office has always been outside of EU jurisdiction. Withdrawal of the UK from the EU has no effect on European Patents or on our ability to file, prosecute and oppose European patent applications. More details can be found here.