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European Patent Office Fees increase from 1 April 2024

Fee Increase
The European Patent Office has announced increases to a number of its fees. The increases become effective on any payment made from 1 April 2024 onward. Many, such as the increases to the search, examination and grant fees are modest. However, the renewal fees payable in years 3-5 of a European patent application will increase by 30%.

As renewal fees can be paid up to 3 months before they are due, we recommend applicants consider early payment of cases with renewal fees due in any of years 3-5. It should be noted that the year 6 renewal fee has been reduced slightly and a minor saving can be made if cases with this fee due are delayed until 1 April 2024 or later. 

The cost of filing an ex-PCT European patent application will increase by EUR 320 (including the increase the the year 3 renewal fee) but this increase can be avoided by filing before 1 April 2024 and paying the 3rd year renewal on filing.

The main changes are as follows:
Fee: Current amount (Euros) Amount from 1 April 2024 (Euros)
1460 1520
Renewal - 3rd Year530690
Renewal - 4th Year660845
Renewal - 5th Year9251000
Renewal - 6th Year11801155
Renewal - 7th Year13051310
Renewal - 8th Year14401465
Renewal - 9th Year15701620
Renewal - 10th-20th Year17751775

Full details of the fee changes can be found here

Please contact us for case-specific costs or if you would like guidance on general strategy.

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